What does the Reftronix CO2 CDU controller do?

Unlike a traditional condenser unit (CDU), CO2 CDU’s require an electronic controller to control the process as well as variable capacity control of the system to ensure optimal efficiency under all conditions. Modern compressors are typically made with high efficiency permanent magnet motors. These motor types requires an inverter (also called variable frequency drive (VFD) or variable speed drive (VSD)) to operate.

The optimum choice for CO2 refrigeration control

The Reftronix CDU electronic controller is the heart of a CO2 refrigeration system. It maintains precise, energy efficient control of the complete process by:

  • Measuring temperatures and pressures
  • Calculating optimal performance
  • Adjusting the speed of the compressor (by using the variable frequency drive)
  • Adjusting opening degree of the electronic valves
  • Adjusting the speed of the fan(s)

Features & Benefits

For the OEM

  • Simplified panel design
  • Fewer refrigeration components
  • Integrated factory line test
  • Increase your bottom line

For the Installer

  • Faster commissioning
  • Less field installed components
  • Secure cloud link and easy setup

For the Enduser/Technician using cloud link

  • Unprecedented serviceability
  • Automatic benchmarking
  • Energy / performance reports
  • Smart service dispatch
  • Component performance tracking
  • Integrated LAN cloud & direct WiFi connection
  • Super efficient control strategy
  • Easy to use browser interface for setup and problem solving
  • Integrated support of up to 2 rooms/cabinets (incl. EEV)
  • Minimal CO2 process experience required

Effective Process Control

  • Fluid model-based optimization
  • Better low charge operation
  • Enhanced gas cooler stability
  • Cloud supported data driven control optimization
  • Integrated with state-of-the-art BLDC inverters

Multiple configurations

  • Singe stage (Medium Temp)
  • Two stage (Low Temp)
  • Up to two evaporator controllers with EEV included

Designed for ease of use

  • Web interface for configuration.
  • Optimized for smartphone and tablet
  • Integrated encrypted Reftronix cloud link

Unique encrypted RefLink cloud

  • Automatic temperature monitoring
  • Energy monitoring
  • Over-the-air firmware updates (Planned)
  • Early warning fault detection
  • Intelligent service dispatch

Simple electrical panel layout

  • Integrated backup power (UPS)
  • Bus communication with inverter(s)
  • High Pressure switch wired directly to inverter Safe Torque Off (STO)
  • No unloader valve for compressor
  • No receiver valve for booster systems

Maintaining energy efficiency as cooling demand varies

BLDC (Sensorless Brushless Direct Current) / PM (Permanent Magnet) motors, combined with a variable frequency drive and Reftronix CDU controller, provide highly energy efficient solutions for CO2 refrigeration systems

ECO & Compact

Reftronix recommend the Invertek variable frequency drive (VFD) to fully harness the energy efficient performance of BLDC (Sensorless Brushless Direct Current) / PM (Permanent Magnet) motors. The drive works in conjunction with the Reftronix controller to modulate compressor speed and consequently unit cooling capacity. Variations in load are managed precisely combined with constant control of the compressor envelope.

The invertek drive is fully integrated with the Reftronix controller. All setup, monitoring, alarms, and detailed fault diagnostics, are accessible from the controller webpage and the cloud link.

Invertek Drives provides a simple to use and reliable approach to achieving the highest possible energy efficiency, precise cooling performance and low noise solution with BLDC/PM compressors.

Invertek Drives provides World leading performance

The high pressure difference in refrigeration systems can mean extremely high torque demands from the compressor at start up. Many variable speed drives struggle to cope with this demand, requiring additional and costly safeguards to be built into the refrigeration system. The Invertek Drive is designed to provide 100% reliable start up in all conditions, regardless of torque demand.

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Maximise refrigeration performance

Optimum food preservation with high energy efficiency

The Reftronix CDU controller constantly adjusts cooling output to meet the precise demand of each display case. This minimises heat and cool cycles, ensuring food items are always maintained around the target temperature and maximises energy efficiency.

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Comply with
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