The refrigeration industry is going through some significant changes because of the worldwide initiative to combat global warming. Synthetic HFC's refrigerants are being phased down by regulation concerning global warming. They are increasingly being replaced by natural refrigerants such as CO2 that offers low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and improved energy efficiency.

Reftronix make it easy!

Reftronix make it easy to move to CO2 refrigerant and the sophisticated electrical control that this requires. We provide proven CO2 condenser control solutions; a comprehensive support service that extends to complete system design; and future proof cloud based technology.

We are with you every step of the way!


Transcritical CO2 Control

In a transcritical system the temperature and the pressure needs to be controlled independently to get optimal system performance. Economizers, ejectors and heat recovery are needed to increase the efficiency.


Ease of use

We have many years of experience developing user friendly products and solutions for the global HVAC/R industry. We understand the needs of all the users and knows how to take advantage of the latest technology. Web interface optimized for quick setup and troubleshooting, and cloud integration, are just some of the innovative features.


Evaporator Control

Modern systems with variable compressor capacity, low refrigerant charge, tight temperature control and even variable airflow, requires an electronic expansion valve. We guide your design strategy to achieve the highest COP and smallest refrigerant charge.


Cloud Link and IoT

Predictive failure analysis and asset management is key to optimum performance. We have the expertise to ensure the cloud technology needed to deliver this level of control is always an integral part of your system design.

Why change to CO2 as a refrigerant

The next phase of F-Gas regulation is now a reality for the HVAC/R industry and have created an increased demand for smaller refrigeration systems which use natural refrigerants. CO2 is the future proof natural choice.

The Eco Design Directive requires energy efficient design with stringent performance thresholds in order to market products in the EU. However, these efficiency performance levels are significantly lower if using a low GWP refrigerant such as CO2, making it easier and more cost effective to comply.

Save Energy with CO2 systems

Overall the technical competence level required to design CO2 refrigeration systems are higher than traditional units. However, with the proper unit design, the efficiency of CO2 systems are typically better, and an energy use reduction of >25% compared to HFC systems is typically the result.

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