Why you need to change - NOW!

The refrigeration industry is going through some significant changes because of the worldwide initiative to combat global warming. Synthetic HFC refrigerants are being phased down by regulation concerning global warming. They are increasingly being replaced by natural refrigerants such as CO2 that offers low GWP (Global Warming Potential) and improved energy efficiency

The regulations driving change


EU F-Gas Regulation

F-Gases refers to the manmade fluorinated refrigerants (HFCs) being used today.

The EU F-gas regulations and ECO Design directive require a shift to low GWP (Global Warning Potential) refrigerants such as CO2 and energy efficient compressors that utilise variable frequency drives (VFD’s) the cooling capacity and significantly increase unit COP.

The effect of this regulation is already being felt in the industry, which has seen significant price increases on traditional refrigerants.

Invertek Drives

Eco Design Directive

Eliminating products with poor energy efficiency

The Eco Design legislation and energy labelling is an effective tool for improving the energy efficiency of products. It helps eliminate the least performing products from the market.

If a refrigeration system does not comply with these regulations, it cannot be marketed in the European Union.

Energy savings up 25% have been reported using new motor technology with an inverter versus just turning the compressor on and off as done with traditional refrigeration systems.

Harnessing the performance benefits of CO2

Reftronix provide the proven expertise and technology to delivery optimum performance with CO2 refrigeration systems

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Comply with
F-Gas regulation and ECO-Design directives